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Jessica-Rose Johnson

Speaker - Trainer - Advocate

Saving Lives One Talk At A Time

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Over 800,000 people die from suicide each year​

It’s time to change the conversation. Stop fearing the s-word and cleaning it up with phrases like ‘are you thinking about hurting yourself?’ Hundreds of thousands of people are dying from suicide to end the hurt.

It’s on us to end suicide through proper prevention.

By the time someone is thinking about killing themselves. It’s too late.

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Refreshing realness. No taboos. Suicide prevention talks go there, using examples, relatability, and even light humor to resonate with your audience. Nothing is held back as suicide stereotypes, action steps, and beliefs are challenged in these powerful talks.

Corporate Trainings

How can you implement solutions that prevent suicide? By offering human-first suggestions based on how suicide truly occurs, these corporate trainings will give your organization applicable mental health knowledge.

Hi, I'm Jessica-Rose Johnson

When I was younger, my cat died.

I was devastated. Like the couldn’t get out of bed, crying profusely, kind of devastated.

To other people, it’s just a cat. To me, my world was shattered.

And that is one of the most common misconceptions about suicide. It’s not about the event. It’s about the person’s reaction to the event.

By debunking suicide myths and opening up raw conversations around suicide, we can prevent suicide at both individual and organizational levels.

It starts with us.

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