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Suicide Prevention Speaker

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U.S. Marine Veteran

Jessica-Rose Johnson

Jessica-Rose is the lead of Oklahoma City Mayor’s Veteran Support Coalition which formed from the Mayors’ Challenge to end veterans suicide, a collaboration between VA and SAMSHA. She is an active member of the Oklahoma Veteran Family Wellness Alliance, the Oklahoma Governor’s Challenge, Councilman to Oklahoma’s state Suicide Prevention Council. She is a Living Works Certified Instructor for ASIST- Applied Suicide Prevention Skills Training and SafeTALK.

Featured Talks

Be A HUMAN Leader

Remember the path it took to get to where you are today? Acknowledging your employees are human and have a life outside of you/company is extremely valuable.  Learn the different between supportive corrective behavior and correcting through punishment.

Living A Life Stronger Than A Mack Truck

Life is hard sometimes and we all have our stories of pushing through hell.  I have had 9 surgeries, four on the same body part.  I have been rear-ended by a Mack truck and survived. I grew up with a father who was deployed most of my childhood. I have lived through abusive relationships both intimate and in the work force. I have sleep in my car and ate cheese puffs on the couch for weeks.

Suicide And Overdose: You Too Can Save Lives

Did you know we loose more than 300 people a day in the United States alone from Suicide and Overdose? Have you ever thought ‘well what can I do about it’? Hear about how our world is effected and what you can do in your everyday life to save lives. It’s as easy as holding a door open for someone.

A Passionate Advocate

Jessica-Rose Johnson has been a speaker in Suicide Prevention events all over the country. She brings her experience as a United States Marine and a Councilman at the Oklahoma Suicide Prevention Council to audiences interested in learning more about training and programs in the field. Whether it’s to teach workplace suicide detection, or to speak about emerging research and programs related to suicide prevention, Jessica-Rose will cater her talk points to your event. Get in touch today for pricing inquiries and booking.

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