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Service, A Family Tradition

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The Big ‘S’ Cleveland County City Lifestyle

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Are We Really Living?

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About Jesica-Rose

I didn’t grow up with a lot of friends. I also felt alone and hated the fact that I couldn’t shake that feeling of nobody gets me.

The feelings of isolation, hurt, pain, and misunderstanding cause people to die from suicide every day.

But it’s not the events in their lives that cause someone to die from suicide. It’s their emotional reactions to those events.

My mission is to advocate for and help create a joy-filled world that we all want to live in. To do this, we have to have those bold conversations. Shift stereotypes. Say suicide. And look out for our community.

By speaking truthfully about suicide prevention and removing the taboo from the topic– we can reduce the number of people who die from suicide.

But we have to be willing to go there now. Suicide prevention cannot wait.

Featured Talks

Be a HUMAN Leader
Your employees are human. Diverse, beautiful, expressive humans. If you can correct behavior through support instead of punishment, you can build a mentally strong team that feels good coming to work each day.

Living a Life Stronger Than a Mack Truck
We all have our stories of pushing through hell. I’ve had 9 surgeries, was crashed into by a Mack truck, grew up with a deployed father, lived through abusive relationships, and had to sleep in my car- living on cheese puffs. This talk goes into our battles and creates a narrative of resilience.

Suicide and Overdose: You Can Be The Hammer and Save Lives
We lose more than 300 people per day in the US from suicide and overdose. You may be wondering how can I help? Preventing suicide and overdose can be as simple as holding a door open. Minimal effort creates a massive impact.

We Lived While He Was Dying
The life of a caregiver isn’t easy. When you train your brain to focus on gratitude you find a way to appreciate even the dark moments in life. Jessica-Rose’s husband is a 2x brain cancer survivor who’s change her world since the day they met. Hear a heart-felt story that will leave you inspired to live like you are dying and appreciate the little things in life

A Passionate Advocate

Jessica-Rose Johnson has been a speaker in Suicide Prevention events all over the US and territories. She brings her experience as a United States Marine and a dedicated researcher to audiences interested in learning more about training and programs in the field. Whether it’s to teach workplace suicide detection, or to speak about emerging research and programs related to suicide prevention, Jessica-Rose will cater her talk points to your event. Get in touch today for pricing inquiries and booking.

Organizations I’ve Worked With

  • Fields Aviation 
  • COPES Family Services 
  • Oklahoma City Fire Department Chaplin’s 
  • McAlester Police Department
  • National Association of Veterans Upward Bound
  • Cyclebar
  • Oklahoma University 
  • Oklahoma Army National Guard
  • Mission Contiunes
  • OKC Riversports
  • Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
  • Oklahoma EMS
  • Coffee Bunker
  • Military One Source
  • HOPE Community Services
  • Oklahoma City Indian Clinic
  • Endeavors
  • Rodgers State University
  • University of Central Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma Governor’s Veteran Services Symposium
  • Oklahoma State University 
  • Green Beret Foundation
  • Oklahoma City Veteran Health Care System
  • The American Society of Criminology
  • Mom’s Demand Action
  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • 552nd Air Control Networks Squadron
  • Tinker Air Force Base
  • Oklahoma City Firefighters Peer Support Leaders
  • Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation 
  • Cherokee Nation
  • Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs

Get In Touch

Reach out to learn more about speaking and training to see if Jessica-Rose is the right fit for your organization or event.